Covering all stages in the R&D lifecycle

  • • Al discovers connections between potential targets and diseases
  • • Scientists interpret complicated disease mechanisms
  • • Scientists identify new target and complete target validation
Lead Generation and Optimization Candidates Selection IND
  • • Computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) and Al empower efficient leads generation
  • • Further selection conducted by scientists based on prior knowledge to narrow down the candidate pool
  • • CADD and Al provide predictions on druggable attributes
  • • Scientists evaluate efficacy and safety from diverse perspectives and complete the leads optimization
  • • Scientists and medicial specialists decide the clinical candidates
  • • Al helps to target on proper indications and patients
  • • Al assists scientists and medicial specialists to design clinical trial research

Technical Advantage

  • Advanced AI Platform and years of successful drug development experience.

    Artivila is a leading global AI-driven innovative drug discovery and development company. We firmly believe that advanced AI technology will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. With a philosophy of innovation and pragmatism, Artivila is committed to the development of First-in-Class drugs, the fast follow-up and iteration of Best-in-Class drugs, and the introduction of First-to-Market projects. Our mission is to develop innovative medicines that patients can afford and change the lives of patients.

  • Discover connections between potential targets and diseases to enable the rapid design of a large number of target-related hit compounds.

    The traditional approach to design and synthesize compounds with potential bioactivity is based on collections of a series of molecules derived from known chemical reactions. However, reverse analysis has demonstrated that a small number of chemical reactions predominate in these compound collections. Therefore, the applications of new synthetic methods are limited when exploring the unknown chemical spaces in medicinal chemistry. Additionally, it is challenging to achieve large-scale synthesis, separation and purification of target proteins due to their high thresholds. Based on the limitations of known reaction parameters, we have designed synthetic tools and strategies to explore new chemical spaces through artificial intelligence. At Artivila, we combine the use of AI to mine relevant information of targets and diseases with our years of analyzing experience to quickly design a large number of target-related hit compounds and carry out subsequent optimization of these compounds.

  • Efficient integration across disciplines, penetrating large indication areas.

    Artivila not only has advanced AI technology and a deep understanding of innovative drug development but also has the industry's best experience and leading capabilities in drug research and development. Integrating the comprehensive research and development capabilities of computational chemistry, artificial intelligence, synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, life science and pharmacology across disciplines, Artivila mainly focuses on common indications such as Autoimmune Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancers. Up to now, Artivila has established a global leading R&D pipeline with completely independent IP rights.