Corporate Overview

Artivila Biopharma

Artivila Biopharma is a leading biotechnology company that focuses on empowering innovative drug discovery with an AI platform. Founded by top pharmaceutical experts at the end of 2018, our mission is to address the intrinsic demand of the biopharmaceutical industry with an advanced AIDD (Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery) + CADD (Computer Aided Drug Design) drug discovery platform. With years of successful drug discovery experience and track record, we focus on three therapeutic areas to cover Autoimmune Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancers, all of which have huge unmet patient needs. Our strong innovative drug discovery capability ensures the depth and high value of both First-in-class and Best-in-class project pipeline. We not only focus on early-stage innovative drug discovery but also take on opportunities to fast advance development candidates to clinical stages in the near future.

 We have established a well-trained and highly experienced research team, led by top computational chemist Dr. Zhendong Zhu and top medicinal chemist Dr. Deqiang Niuboth have over 20 years of industrial experiences. Our team includes seasoned scientists trained in world-class institutions such as Cambridge University, UK; Columbia University, USA; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Peking University, and others. The company has about sixty staff, including more than 20 scientists holding PhD degrees. Twelve of them have overseas studying and working experiences. With excellent scientific team, computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) and AI-driven drug discovery (AIDD) design platform, the company is poised for continued success in drug discovery and development.

 We have successfully completed three rounds of fundraising since establishment and have received recognition from many professional biopharmaceutical investors and funds. The cumulative fundraising exceeds 290 million Yuan, providing a solid foundation for the company's rapid and steady growth. 

 We are dedicated to improving the health of patients with unmet medical needs globally through our continuous efforts to spearhead the bench-to-bedside endeavor.